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Market Conditions

People often want to know "How's the Market?" Often, the answer depends if you're buying or selling, your price point, and what part of town you're in. As an overall view of the market we like the Cromford Report. The Cromford® Report provides detailed information to track the history and current status of the Greater Phoenix residential resale market and offers unique insight into its future direction. The data is available to all real estate agents in the valley and less that 2% actually subscribe? We find this information invaluable to help our clients make good decisions on their real estate investments.

Green: Good for sellers
Red: Good for buyers
Yellow: Balanced

The Cromford Index™ is a is a set of market indicators that we use to measure the balance of supply and demand in a market.

The Cromford Supply Index™ (CSI) represents current supply.

  • Values above 100 indicate an excess of supply of unsold homes compared to historic norms. (Buyer’s Market)

  • Values below 100 indicate a shortage of homes on the market. (Seller’s Market).

  • A reading of 100 indicates balance.

The Cromford Market Index™ (CMI) is a single value that indicates the balance of the residential resale market.

  • Values below 100 indicate a market that overall favors buyers.

  • Values above 100 indicate a market that favors sellers.

The Cromford Demand Index™ (CDI) represent the demand for homes.

  • Values above 100 indicate higher than normal demand. (Seller’s Market)

  • Values below 100 indicate lower than normal demand. (Buyer’s Market)

  • A reading of 100 represents balance.

For Historical perspective, the highest Index score since 2002 occurred during April, 2005 when the index was 312.3 – a seriously good market if you were a seller. The lowest time was October 2007 when it seemed like you couldn’t give houses away – the index was at 27.2.

For an update list for what's happening in your area, please give me a call and I'll be happy to prepare a custom report for you.