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Home Selling Process

When your home first comes on the market there is a flurry of activity if your home is priced right. It is really important to be priced right during this early activity. Even if you drop your price later the best market has past you by and you’ll miss the chance for selling at top dollar.

The First Step

Your first step is to schedule an appointment with us to discuss current market value and help you successfully prepare your home for sale. You can be sure that when you hire us you’re getting a qualified, experienced agent. Meet with us and let us show you our marketing plan.

Read our Home Selling Checklist for more information about getting your home ready for sale. When it’s time to list, we’ll complete paperwork and discuss all the specifics of what it takes to get your home SOLD!

What Should I List My Home For?

Many factors affect the what a home will sell for. These include: location, condition, amenities, and current local market conditions among other things. We follow the market closely and will assist you by providing a thorough analysis of your home so that you will be able to arrive at a realistic, competitive price. We provide the advice. You get to set the price.

Prepare for Buyers

You’ll want to get ready for buyers to see your home and make an offer. Make sure you complete the Seller Property Disclosure Statement – this protects you by disclosing all of the specfics you know about your home. You can download the form here.

Though our lockbox system is very safe and secure you can take additional steps to protect your personal property. Don’t tempt fate! Keep medication, money, jewelry and guns put away and in a safe place.

We Have an Offer

When an offer is presented, we will advise and help you to obtain the best possible price and terms. We’ll make sure buyers are pre-qualified and we will promote your interests and assist in locking in a clear and binding contract.

A typical offer is initiated by the buyer and includes the following information:

  • The amount the buyer is willing to pay
  • Mortgage amount, if any
  • Closing date and occupancy date
  • Buyer contingencies- mortgage commitment, inspections and appraisal
  • Any personal property specifically included or excluded

If the offer is not acceptable to you, we will continue to negotiate to reach terms to reach terms agreeable to both you and the buyer. Never be the first to walk away – you want to sell, they want to buy – keep personal feelings out of negotiations and let’s reach an agreement.

Contract to Close

Time is of the essence in a real estate transaction. A buyer will require that specific inspections be completed on your home as a condition of the agreement of sale. These inspections generally occur within 10 days of the signing of the agreement (the option period). We will coordinate these inspections consulting with both you and the buyer’s agent. Inspections may include:

  • General Home Inspection
  • Water and Well Certifications
  • Septic Inspection and Certification
  • Radon Test
  • Wood Destroying Insect
  • Roof Inspection

If repairs are required as a result of any inspection or certification, we will assist you in determining how best to proceed. We can help you by providing names of licensed contractors and experts capable of evaluating and correcting any problem. Documentation and receipts for repairs completed of the corrections will be required and we will provide guidance and assistance throughout the process.

We will contact the buyer’s lender to make certain that everything is in order pertaining to mortgage application, and will follow-up with the lender throughout the process until the time of mortgage commitment. Shortly after mortgage application, an appraiser will need to have access to your home to complete a formal appraisal. Comparable sales justify the sale price of your home in the appraisal process and I will work with the appraiser to assure top value for your home.

An escrow account will be opened. The escrow agent acts as an impartial 3rd party, ensuring the terms of the contract are carried out and that all appropriate paperwork is completed. Please return any requested information as soon as possible. As a seller, you will be requested to visit the escrow company’s office sometime prior to close of escrow to sign necessary documents. In Arizona, close of escrow is officially noted when the deed has been recorded with the County Recorder’s office.

If you have specific questions about the process in Arizona please give us a call!

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